field medic

Field Medic has a new EP out. Titled Me, My Gibberish, & the Moon, the six-song album is full of the heartbreak and existential angst you’ve come to expect from Kevin Patrick and the stable of cohorts on his label Sunroom Recordz & Salon. The tracks on this release are brief and direct like a collection of Hemingway short stories, preferring raw emotion and straightforward acoustic arrangements to abstruse symbolism and intricate productions.

Though a bit more polished than previous releases such as Fuck You Grim Reaper or iloveuimcrazyimsorry, the new EP still contains the despondent melodies, subtle musical flourishes (check out the understated vocal harmonies on “War Memorial”), and stark meditations on life, love and loss that have come to define Field Medic’s sound. Closer “Shadowboxing” is particularly devastating as Kevin pushes his voice to the breaking point while delivering lines like, “this twisted love affair, strips my knuckles bear,” with such pain and honesty you don’t know if you’ll be able to hold on till the song’s end. No semblance of closure is provided either as the narrator is left battling his demons in the dark, contemplating all the things too ugly to comprehend in the light of the morning.

It’s heavy listening, a dark folk that doesn’t shy away from the grimmer aspects of reality, a necessary tonic to sunny California’s oppressively optimistic attitude that fails to acknowledge those who are left in the shadows pondering mistakes and nursing psychological wounds. Field Medic probably won’t make you feel better, but at least you’ll know someone out there is feeling just as down as you. There’s a cold comfort in that fact.

You can see Kevin Patrick live with Rin Tin Tiger this Saturday night at the Great American Music Hall.

Rin Tin Tiger, Big Jugs, Raven Marcus, Blisses B
Great American Music Hall
February 28, 2015
9pm, $15, all ages