Los Angeles’ Slutever are Nicole Snyder and Rachel Gagliardi, a two piece that started off as best friends but have evolved into something much more. They are creators of the most honest portrayals of the modern young woman in music right now, with heartbreak, adulthood, reality TV, and the general what-the-hell-is-going-on as key factors on their short yet addicting EP Almost Famous. 

Rumor has it that is you eat pop rocks and drink soda your stomach will explode. That’s a little bit like Slutever — kind of addicting and a little dangerous, yet you want to try it and keep doing it. Except you probably won’t explode, more likely you’ll just get their music stuck in your head.

We had the pleasure of connecting with Slutever before their show at the Elbo Room to talk about Mary Kate and Ashley, tour, and their growth as artists.

The Bay Bridged: How has the tour been going for you guys so far, is this your first time playing San Francisco?

Slutver: We only played one show so far, in San Diego – it was ok… We played in Oakland once like three years ago but it was at a really small coffee shop. We’re super excited to play in SF!

TBB: In the past you guys have covered Hole. Will this tour feature any special covers?

S: We wanted to plan something special with Lisa Prank, but we never got to practice it. I also feel like this is our first tour in a while where we have a lot of new material, so we’re just excited to play new songs for people.

TBB: How did you guys come together, or in other words, what’s your band love story?

S: It’s pretty much just your classic tale of Romeo and Juliet.

TBB: How would you guys describe one another’s relationship, what’s the creative process like?

S: We’ve got our highs and lows, but we love each other, kind of a lot. Our creative process can be slow – it’s hard for us to write songs together since we tend to write about personal experiences. But we always make sure the other person gets to give their feedback and input on new songs. We’re always challenging ourselves to write better music.

TBB: The music of Slutever feels abrasive, energetic, and maybe even a little angry. I like it a lot. How did you guys end up with that style?

S: The world has hardened us to feel abrasive and definitely a little angry. So I guess that is just reflected in the music we make. There’s a lot to be angry about in 2015.

TBB: A lot of your songs reference pop culture, and in past interviews you guys have mentioned liking an array of pop artists. How does pop culture reflect itself in Slutever?

S: A lot of our free time is spent consuming pop culture – reality tv, movies, Teenage Dream, Bangerz tour, etc., so I think it comes across in our aesthetics and our overall attitudes. Just like there’s a lot to be angry about in 2015, there’s a lot to love, and pop culture has never been so saturated.

TBB: The first of Slutever I ever heard was your Rookie Mag theme song back in 2011. How have you guys evolved since then? How would you say Almost Famous differs from those early recordings?

S: Our lives and perspectives have changed a lot in four years. I think we’re both better musicians now, at least I hope so… Aside from the 1994/Spit 7″ we put out in 2013, this is the first release we’ve gone to a studio for and worked with someone who served as a sort of “producer” (Kyle “Slick” Johnson at Fancy Time Studio). We finished a lot of the songs in the studio as we went, and we really pushed ourselves to make the best songs we’ve ever made. We were both at pretty intense periods of our personal lives during those recordings, and I think you can probably hear that a little bit.

TBB: The compilation with Girlpool was one of my favorite things to come out last year, I particularly enjoyed how you guys covered one another’s songs. What are some of your favorite upcoming bands at the moment?

S: Thank you! They are definitely one of our favorite current bands. Others are Tacocat, Mannequin Pussy, Mitski, Speedy Ortiz, Childbirth, No Parents…

TBB: If Slutever was abandoned on a desert island and could only have one fast food franchise to suffice their needs, what place would it be?

Nicole: Taco Bell!

Rachel: McDonalds

TBB: Who would you rather have as the 3rd member of Slutever: Lizzie McGuire or As Told By Ginger? 

R: As Told By Ginger

N: Lizzie, for sure.

TBB: If you could relive your prom with any celebrity hunk (dead or living) who would it be?

N: Drake? Or River Phoenix…I can’t choose.

R: Lana Del Rey

TBB: In your honest opinion, what was the best film Mary Kate and Ashley ever produced? What was the worst?

N: It Takes Two is definitely my favorite. I don’t really have any strong feelings towards Switching Goals…That one was kind of a miss.

R: Strongly disagree. Switching Goals was great. My personal favorites are Passport to Paris and Billboard Dad. There is no worst. Also this was a great question, hats off to you.

In conjunction with Big Splash Fest, Slutever play the Elbo Room on Tuesday, February 24 alongside Religious Girls, Terror Pigeon , and Calliope Musicals.

Slutever, Religious Girls, Terror Pigeon, Calliope Musicals
The Elbo Room
February 24, 2015
9 pm, $5-$8 (21+)