Oakland indie rock outfit Phosphene released its self-titled debut last summer, an LP recorded and mixed at San Francisco’s Tiny Telephone Recording. Just a few months following that album, the trio of Rachel Frankel, Matt Hemmerich, and Kevin Kaw got the opportunity to record a new track, “Silver”,” at Different Fur, courtesy of Converse Rubber Tracks.

“Silver” officially dropped in December of last year and, like the entirety of Phosphene, is some incredibly chill indie rock that can also get you grooving in no time fast. This dichotomy is evident throughout Phosphene’s brief but impressive catalog – all musical forces driving toward the same point, led by Frankel’s seductive voice.

We missed out on their January show supporting Sunhaze at Neck of the Woods, and while they don’t have any other gigs booked right at this moment, keep an eye out for them playing your fav local venue in the near future, because this band won’t be playing spots like the Clement Street club for long. Listen to “Silver” below, followed by their 2014 debut, and keep an ear out for more music soon – the band just recorded another track at Different Fur a couple weekends ago.