laucrota_demo_digital_cover(Cover art by Brandt Robert Burgess)

Leucrota are a brand new band from Santa Cruz, having only just formed in the late fall of 2014; you wouldn’t guess that from hearing their demo tape. The band play dark, twisted punk songs with a metal inclination – at times atmospheric and pensive, and then punishingly heavy at breakneck speeds.

Today we bring you a first look at their track “Systematic Violence”, which will be featured on their 2015 demo. The cassette is coming out February 28 via Sentient Ruin Laboratories, a San Francisco label specializing in all things “dark and brutal.” “Systematic Violence” sounds like what I would imagine Cursed would sound like if they recorded in the bottom of a well. Insane drumming and singer Nils Bakke’s primal vocals distinguish the track. About a minute into the song he emits such piercing screams that I can only imagine they were sampled from an exorcism gone wrong.

I caught the band at the Knockout on the 11th and would never have guessed they had only been playing for months. The performance was visceral and I was really impressed by everyones playing. Listen to the track below and catch them at their record release party in Santa Cruz next month with The Body.

The Body, Vultures at Arms Reach, Leucrota, Death Monk
The Blue Lagoon
March 9, 2015
8pm, $8 (21+)

The Body, Leucrota @ Blue Lagoon