edwards crossing

“Words are hard but that’s what it’s all about,” Edwards Crossing sings on the track “Somewhere to Write,” from their debut LP Mira. As a writer, I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment, especially as I do find it hard to use words to describe the indie-rock band’s sound.

Just take the tune “Demons”: featuring an Afrobeat-inspired bass groove, an intricate percussion arrangement and big, echoing chant-along vocals, it gives the listener a solid idea of what to expect from the group yet doesn’t wholly define their complex and varied sound. They can be restrained and contemplative on a song like “Thick Like Blood” or channel spacey jam-rock on “Reflectors,” but personally I prefer their wilder side, particularly the rambunctious “Constellations.” Kind of like a funner, slightly intoxicated Grouplove single, the song is sure to get a dance floor moving.

Though their album dropped just last month, the band is already hard at work composing new material for a follow-up. You can get moving to their music this Friday as they play the Annex at San Francisco State.

Edwards Crossing
The Annex at San Francisco State
February 20, 2015
7pm, free, all ages