Teal is a new solo project from Santa Rosa’s James Rogers, who also mans the drums for Creative Adult. With Teal, Rogers has crafted a sound that refreshingly avoids fitting into any ready-made scene; appropriately heavy drums and big, droning vocals over layers of fuzz combine in a way that feels entirely new.

Today, we’re excited to share the scone track from Teal’s forthcoming album Flowers Will Lay Upon Me, out February 27 on Broke Hatrê Records (CD) and Casino Trash Records (cassette). “Moving Out” is Rogers’ somewhat…dark take on an ex-roommate as Rogers was literally moving out. “He was probably the loneliest person I’ve ever met”, says Rogers. “I pictured this event as a metaphor of him moving further out into the abyss, moving further away from existence, running from the world to escape his own problems.”

Rogers tells me he has assembled a band and is rehearsing for Teal shows this starting summer. Friday night, you can see Rogers with Creative Adult at The Chapel for a free Converse Rubber Tracks show (if you’re lucky enough to have tickets).