(cover art by Stacie Willoughby)

Mayfly Records, a label based out of Cleveland, have made a name for themselves curating the first releases of bands like Code Orange and Pianos Become the Teeth. While both of these bands and much of Mayfly’s roster delve into the dissonant world of post-hardcore, their most recent addition is a fresh new band from Oakland who worship 90’s grunge and guitar rock – they’re called Crush.

The band features members of Santa Cruz’s Valley Girls, and the recently deceased LA hardcore outfit Calculator. As the name Crush suggests, the songs are huge, and production from Jack Shirley (Atomic Garden) adds that additional grit. Wildly syncopated drums and crunchy guitars start the title track off, creating a thick foundation over which vocalists Oliver and Jeff lace dreamy melodies. Thirty seconds into the first song they hit such a beautiful harmony on the line “a bed of roses” that I haven’t been able to get it out of my head for weeks. All three songs on their EP follow a verse-chorus pattern for some time, and then descend into massive breakdowns. The final track is hook filled power-shoegaze that climaxes in a surprising and awesome hardcore riff. Look out for a self-titled 7″ and more from them this year, and read Mayfly’s announcement here.