Botanist, Chasms, Wallower, Foie Gras

Local “green metal” pioneer the Botanist is bringing his unique vision to the Elbo Room stage this month, where he will be perfomring with Chasms, Wallower, and Foie Gras at Elbo Room on February 23.

Botanist released VI: Flora last year on The Flenser, marking the latest chapter of his continuing saga which poetically details the demise of all mankind as flora and fauna, (namely plants), triumph over the Earth. Flora is the decidedly less misanthropic follow-up to 2013’s seething IV: Mandragora LP.

As the colorful album art suggests, Flora provides a more accessible portal to “The Verdant Realm” where Botanist’s budding vision begins bloom with a haunting sense of beauty. Utilizing his trademark hammered dulcimers and off-kilter drum hits, the San Francisco-based avant-garde performer is sure to make an impression during the forthcoming live show. Stream VI: Flora standout “Callistemon” below, or Botanist’s previous single “Tillandsia” here.

San Francisco duo Chasms will “be sharing some new songs” ahead of Botanists’s headlining performance, marking the duo’s first show of the year. Jess Labrador and Sky Madden most recently collaborated on the release of Subtle Bodies, out now on Sleep Genius. Stream album cut “N.V.S.” below.

Foie Gras may be somewhat of a newcomer to the San Francisco scene, but her guitar-based drone musings have already gained the attention of tastemakers far and wide. Dark and ambient, Foie Gras’ growing Bandcamp catalog strikes sincere emotional chords without having to sacrifice her biting sense of wit. Her solo side-project Bad Kisser takes a more lyrical, lo-fi approach to her haunted vision on last year’s Bate Kush and 2013’s Loss EP.

Las Vegas black metal outfit Wallower will round out the bill, ensuring a dimly lit experience to be enjoyed at Elbo Room on February 23. You should probably bring flowers.

Botanist, Chasms, Wallower, Foie Gras
Elbo Room
February 23, 2015
9pm, $8 (21+)