Idea The Artist
“The Ceiling,” the first taste of Idea the Artist‘s upcoming record The Sea Floor, begins with a mantra-like vocal loop. Halfway through the song, however, that loop is overtaken by a thudding, booming drum, and a playful guitar line; here is the moment the song has been yearning for: a sense of being grounded, no longer floating. It’s the same sentiment that Idea the Artist hits right between the eyes throughout “The Ceiling”: “I wish you were the ceiling, so you could love me,” she sings, her voice full of electricity, leaps and swerves. This is more than a song about pining for a person, it’s about pining for the sensation of safety and being anchored to reality.

“The Ceiling” is the most experimental song we have heard yet from the folk-oriented Idea the Artist, using only a handful of instruments to create a huge sound. “

[It] was written in about an hour with a loop pedal, tambourine and my guitar,” she explains. “In my parents’ old dining room.” At its core is the unwavering vocal loop, providing the perfect backdrop for the lead vocal, and pulling the nuances of Inés Beltranena’s hyper-detailed melodies into sharp focus. Like Spoon’s most minimal work, or the White Stripes’ rawest tracks, Idea the Artist proves again that sometimes less is more.

The Sea Floor will be released on March 24, and Idea the Artist plays a record release show at the Rickshow Stop March 20 with Be Calm Honcho and Ghost Tiger.

Listen to “The Ceiling” below, and watch the video, directed by Ben Smith.