Faux Real II
Miss Father/Daughter Records‘ limited-edition Record Store Day release, Faux Real, last year? You’re in luck, because this year, they’re coming back with a volume two.

The track listing for this year’s release, Faux Real II, will be different, of course, but the premise remains the same: indie bands covering songs from fictional bands featured in film and television. This year’s version comes equipped with songs like Running in the Fog performing “Killer Tofu,” Small Wonder doing “Margerine,” and Rivergazer covering “Fever Dog.” (Brownie points if you can tell us—without Googling—where those songs originate from.) Hear LVL UP’s majorly on-point version of “Somebody Kill Me Please” from The Wedding Singer below.

What will be different with this one, however, is that it’s not an official RSD release—they were rejected by the shadowy governing body that decides these sort of things. Read more about that here.

Faux Real II will be available for purchase on April 28 through Father/Daughter’s site and a number of other online retailers.