Formed from the wreckage of the Montreal synth pop group Silly Kissers, TOPS quickly made a name for themselves around the Canadian fringe pop scene. They attached their band to the same label, Arbutus, responsible for artists like Grimes, Braids, and Majical Cloudz (who coincidentally formed around the same time).

The band, fronted by the self-admittedly shy Jane Penny, crafts tender tracks lifted by Penny’s soft melody. It feels different from typical radio-bait, but that may be due to its reticent delivery: where pop music today embraces volume and brash statements, TOPS is more calculated—evidenced by their new 7″, Change of Heart/Sleeptalker.

Dinner, on the other hand, who hails from the label that represents Mac DeMarco and Perfect Pussy, offers a wholly different take on pop. The Danish singer writes about abstract ideals: death, “the divine feminine” and transcendence, and his persona is mesmerizing.

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Together, they’ll hit the stage at Brick and Mortar this month with Kid Trails. Get more information on the Facebook event page, and get tickets to the show here.

Pro Fans Present: TOPS, Dinner, Kid Trails
Brick & Mortar Music Hall
February 23, 2015
8pm, $7 (18+)