sea dramas

One of my favorite bands of 2013, Sea Dramas, is back with a new LP, Beware the Ephemeral, and we’re pleased to give you the first listen with the video premiere of “Maker of Heart”.

Starting with a lush soundscape that sets the stage for a wave of harmonies, “Maker of Heart” picks up the California retro pop vibes of Sea Dramas’ previous recordings. Beware the Ephemeral was originally recorded almost entirely by Sea Dramas’ Scott Pettersen at his home. While he was deciding whether to release those recordings, he ran into Jason Quever of Papcercuts, who he had worked with on an old project. The entire band went into record “Maker of Heart” with him, and they liked it so much they re-recorded the entire album at Quever’s studio. The end result is a great mixture of sounds including surf, folk, and 60’s rock and roll. Beware the Ephemeral will be released in its entirety March 24.