try the pie

Try the Pie is the creative brain baby of San Jose’s Bean Kaloni Tupou. Having been involved in an array of local Bay Area projects, including Crabapple and Sourpatch, Tupou has finally moved on to release her own solo effort with the release of her first LP, “Domestication.”

Try the Pie’s previous releases include a handful of singles that are intimate, touching, and earnest in their home recordings. They transport you into the room with Tupou, and in a way, feel as if you’ve been allowed to listen in on some of Tupou’s most inner secrets. In the same vein as other artists featured on Salinas Records — including Swearin’, All Dogs, and Radiator Hospital — the music of Try the Pie are personal narratives, that evoke a kind of nostalgic dreaminess to them regardless if this is the first time listening. Pre-orders are available now via Salinas Records.

Try the Pie performs alongside Joyride!, Wizard Apprentice, and the Call Up at 1234 Go! Records.

Try the Pie, Joyride!, Wizard Apprentice, the Call Up
1234 Go! Records
March 15, 2015
7 pm, all ages