Oakland post-rockers Unconditional Arms and lo-fi noise project Mother Room are both known for creating lush, almost cinematic music. The chance to see them together is not to be missed, even if it is in celebration of still images instead of those newfangled motion pictures.

Both bands are playing the release party for new music photography book Sentimental Sounds by Senny Mau, who wrote on Facebook: “It’s been a tough year of working on it, but, it’s also been great because I got to meet a lot of sick people and have made some new friends along the way. You have all pushed me to be better and do better and now that it’s out I want to celebrate!”

The show goes down February 20 at The Honey Hive Gallery and will also feature the music of Whatfunlifewas and Ordinary Neighbors as well as the photography of Mau plus several others known to be frequently out and about in the SF music scene, including Keith Baker, Joe Calixto, Matt Gill, and Victoria Lubach.

Here’s the video for Unconditional Arms’ “The Family Tree,” which Bay Bridged premiered last year:

And here’s the video for Mother Rooms’ “Debt Collector,” which Bay Bridged also premiered last year:

Unconditional Arms, Whatfunlifewas, Mother Room, Ordinary Neighbors
The Honey Hive Gallery
February 20, 2015
7pm, $12