Sarah Bethe NelsonPhoto: Anthony Hall

Before we tell you more about Sarah Bethe Nelson’s new LP, just take a moment to listen to the album’s first single, “Paying”.

Damn! Is that a breakup song or what?!? She’s heartbroken and you get the feeling she hates to do what she’s about to do, but dammit, she’s gonna be strong. The vivid picture she paints and unique way to tell off of this no-good bum of an ex bring the story together just perfectly. And oh yeah, she and her band make some beautiful sounds in the process.

Nelson, who you may recognize from her time fronting Prairiedog, tells me she wrote the songs for Fast Moving Clouds about two years ago, and in fact wrote over half the songs in April of 2013. The album was recorded by Kelly Stoltz at his Electric Duck Studio, where Nelson was joined by veteran musicians Rusty Miller (Nightgown, Kelley Stoltz), Dylan Edrich (Spyrals, Wymond Miles), Garett Goddard (King Tuff, The Memories), Jamin Barton (Uke Hunt, Kelley Stoltz), James Kim (Magic Trick) along with help from Stoltz himself.

Shortly after the album was finished last May, Goddard was on tour with The Memories when he played Fast Moving Clouds for the guys at Burger. Naturally, they liked what they heard are releasing the LP on vinyl and cassette March 10.

Also in March, Nelson and her band are headed to Austin as an official performer at SXSW, while touring there and back. (Note: head over to SXSW’s official site to stream another song from Nelson, which supports my theory that this album is going to be as cool as it gets). She’ll perform locally this Sunday at Brick and Mortar and March 10 at the Chapel. Sunday’s show is the release show for the extremely talented Danny James, who is celebrating the vinyl release of his LP Pear, also out on Burger.

Danny James, Magic Trick, Sarah Bethe Nelson, Motor Inn
Brick and Mortar Music Hall
February 8, 2015
8pm, $10

Vision, Blood Sister, Sarah Bethe Nelson
The Chapel
March 10, 2015
8pm, $15