viet cong (Photo by Colin Way)(Photo by Colin Way)

A band that chooses a name like Viet Cong clearly never intends to evoke an undermining sense of joy—rather, the Calgary quartet embodies rigidity and bleakness through a post-punk aggressiveness in their compositions.

Their genre exists in an existentialist space, but their lyrics have a lighter side, at least to lead singer Matt Flegel. “I have a bleak sense of humor, too,” he says. “So some lyrics might seem funny to me even though anyone else might think they’re desperately hopeless.”

Humorous or not, they’re delivered with ennui, which is a front for the real emotion of the album.

Viet Cong is, at its core, a very personal album, and one that hides the inherent frantic anxiety a person feels when they lose control.

Check out “Continental Shelf” from Viet Congnow, and catch them when they hit San Francisco next month.

Viet Cong, other acts TBA
Rickshaw Stop
March 5, 2015
8pm, $12