beast fiend

“I have a serious problem knowing eventually I won’t exist!” Beast Fiend frantically exclaims on the delightfully morbid “Thinking About Death.”  It’s a screeching, blaring noise-punk concoction, a crooked stick poking at the ugly truth of human mortality lurking just behind the veneer of distractions we surround ourselves with on a daily basis.  It’s also kind of funny in a gallows humor sort of way, somehow finding a balance between crass nihilism and serious censure of a society that rarely expresses what it is really feeling because such thoughts may be impolite or depressing or deviating from the norm.

While the songs on their EP Beast Fiend Rules! rarely breach the two minute mark, there’s a lot going on in each track both lyrically and musically.  In between the shrieking punk riffs, furious beats and suitably raw vocals, there’s a substance that sets them apart from other bands mining the same grimy garage-rock territory.  Check out their next show at the El Rio for one very loud, very awesome lineup.

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Beast Fiend, Quaaludes, Jesus Tape, Violence Creeps
El Rio
February 5, 2015
9pm, $5, 21+