Anyone familiar with my work on the Bay Bridged knows I have a preference for moody rock music. Here’s a little something to lighten the air.

Oakland-based duo Bangus Tron leaves the brooding to other outfits and weaves the best of synthpop and electrofunk into one technicolored fabric. Where other electronic duos feel disingenuous and even self-righteous, Kani Crabb and Wes Spittler keep it authentic, offering their own brand of party music made with the distinct sense that they don’t take themselves too seriously. Check out their video for “Denim Queen” — the track that won them a slot at last year’s Lightning In a Bottle — and get ready to be weirded out by how pretty they look in wigs and short-shorts. If you dig what you see and hear, catch Bangus Tron for yourself tonight at Milk Bar!

EichTropo, Bangus Tron, DJ Julia Lewis
Milk Bar
January 30, 2015
9pm, $7 (21+)