The Things of Youth, "Eleventeen"
Did you check out the premiere of The Things of Youth’s “Eleventeen” on The Bay Bridged last month and think to yourself, “Damn, wish there was a video”? Well you’re in luck!

Today, The Bay Bridged brings you the world premiere of the video for “Eleventeen,” a song Things of Youth mastermind Jon Fee wrote to help his son learn how to count. The live-action video features several of the illustrations from the children’s book version of “Eleventeen”—see if you can count them all!

How was the video created?

“It was all done by the amazing director, Steven Lovy,” Fee tells The Bay Bridged. “He used a bunch of illustrations created by the very talented Lindsay Watson and spent countless hours rotoscoping the footage frame-by-frame so that the animation became infused into the scene. He also used a lot of cool light techniques like lens flares to help massage it all together.”

Fee’s son, Charlie, stars in the video with his dad. Other co-stars include Fee’s wife, Mimi, and their other two boys, Parker and Ferris.

No word on whether or not Charlie ever learned to count, but it’s his voice you can hear talking at the end of “Eleventeen” about how everyone should ride a bike. So clearly he’s a smart kid.

“Eleventeen” is from the album Volume One available now on Fee’s own Parks and Records label.