The Seshen

Welcome back to SONG-FREUD, a new weekly column at the Bay Bridged. Think of it as a deep cavity search of your favorite Bay Area music, a pro bono psychotherapy session available for public consumption.  SONG-FREUD is a public service. Thus, it is good karma to write, and thus, it is good karma to read.


On “Unravel,” the title track from The Seshen’s recent EP, vocalist Lalin St. Juste nails this amazing hook: “Something’s happening, don’t know what it is.” Although St. Juste said that the song is about “the slow destruction of a relationship,” I’m not so sure that it’s a relationship with another homo sapien. I mean, as recently as this past week, the band played a show with The Coup, so obviously they are all about being counter-culture and rebellious and stuff. That set off a Pavlovian bell in my head: what is really unraveling here? A bathrobe? A Jo Nesbo novel?

To find out, I did some intense meditation and then plugged my intravenous kombucha drip into my schnozz. As I slipped into a deep Obi-Wan-esque stupor, words from the song began to flash in front of me. Fire. Your Eyes. The Unknown.

WHAM! BAM! When I awoke three days later, it all made perfect sense. All the clues pointed to one place: “Unravel” is an account of undergoing corrective LASIK surgery. All that amazing pinging, humming percussion – those are the sounds of a LASIK machine warming up and getting ready to shred some corneas! Then there’s that crucial line, “Something’s happening, don’t know what it is.” Of course getting lasers shot into your eyes is going to make it really really hard to see, as noted by the FDA: “your doctor may use a microkeratome (a blade) to cut a flap in the cornea. Your vision will dim…during this part of the procedure.” Lastly, “taking flight into the unknown,” yeah, a good dose of a sedative will make you feel that way. Just ask this guy.

Trust me, Lalin. If you haven’t actually gotten LASIK surgery, I suspect that it’s something that your subconscious is really craving. And if you have really good eyesight, than maybe you just have a sleep booger or something.

Listen to “Unravel,” and the rest of the EP of the same name, below.