William Ryan Fritch

My colleague Jason has been keeping you posted on Oakland songwriter, composer, and our new favorite person, William Ryan Fritch, since Fritch wowed us with his Heavy EP last October. Now, check out the super-spooky video for his latest release (which, in true Fritchy fashion, comes hot on the heels of his last single), “Thankless Deeds.” Kinda-sorta NSFW, unless your office is cool with slightly-obscured nudity.

Fritch is a multi-instrumentalist with an impressive catalog who has scored films and contributed to television shows and theater productions. His newest LP, Revisionist, is due out February 10. This should be the last single before it hits streets—but considering the fast clip he’s been keeping so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if he squeezed in one more. We’ll let you know if he does.