Jessica Pratt (Photo Credit: Colby Droscher)

LA-via-SF singer-songwriter Jessica Pratt is releasing her sophomore full-length this week, the followup to her excellent 2012 self-titled debut. Featuring her refreshing new single “Back, Baby”, On Your Own Love Again is out Tuesday, January 27 via Drag City. Her West Coast tour includes a stop at Noise Pop Fest, during which she’ll be performing at The Chapel with Kevin Morby, Carroll, and Two Sheds on February 25.

On Your Own Love Again presents a more contemporary presentation of Pratt’s vision than her self-titled debut, which was actually recorded in 2007 and sat for four years before being discovered by Tim Presley (White Fence, Darker My Love). Using a similar home-recorded approach to perfecting her highly nuanced folk musings, Pratt picks at emotional strings while poetically reflecting on her recent relocation to Los Angeles and other recent traumas.

Fully embracing the isolation of home-recording, Pratt’s personal reflection and self-driven perfectionism results in a rare triumph–a sophomore album that lives up to the hype of its breakthrough predecessor. Pratt told Pitchfork, “If you can take advantage of that little mental space when you totally shut yourself off from the world . . . you can produce a lot of good things.”

Jessica Pratt, Kevin Morby, Carroll, Two Sheds
The Chapel
February 25, 2015
8pm, $16