King Woman (Photo by M.J. Bernier)Photo by M.J. Bernier

Like a weeping Siren clinging to Ulysses’ ship, the guitar on King Woman’s new single “Burn” seduces you, drawing you near even though you can feel the darkness lurking within. Kristina Esfandiari’s voice will hypnotize you, striking that ethereal balance of sorrow and dread, pulling you in before you can realize you’re drowning. It’s the beauty of disaster – you want to get close to the flames but not too close to get scarred, simultaneously enthralled and petrified by the creeping doom and haunted truth.

“Burn” is a simmering meditation on spirituality and religious dogma. Its lyrical questioning of moral absolutes perfectly fits the crashing beat, ominous production and shoegaze drone. Their upcoming EP that features the song tackles similarly heavy subject matter as well, including abuse, metaphysics and heartbreak. Suitably titled Doubt, the band’s unique sound can be experienced in full when it drops February 17th.

King Woman, Creepers, Mother Room, Foie Gras
Hemlock Tavern
March 28, 2015
9pm, $8 (21+)