White Cloud

San Francisco’s White Cloud has a new vinyl EP coming out this spring on Popgang that the band recorded straight to tape with Patrick Spurgeon of Rogue Wave, and The Bay Bridged is proud to present your exclusive first listen.

Behold: “7 Heads”, the second track from the forthcoming EP, tentatively titled Seven Heads. “7 Heads” the song is a woozy psych pop ditty that recalls Tame Impala at their noisiest:

This stream is no longer available

But behold it soon, because it’s coming down after 24 hours. White Cloud agreed to give you fine music fans this sneak peek at the new album to celebrate tonight’s free show at the soon-to-be-demolished Elbo Room with Maus Haus and Mall Walk.

If you’ve come here too late for the stream of “7 Heads”, why not check out “Manganese” instead, a B-side the band released in 2011:

Maus Haus, White Cloud, Mall Walk
Elbo Room
January 14, 2014
9pm, FREE