Crashing Hotels
Crashing Hotels

One thing you learn when you listen to submissions from aspiring musicians is that there are A TON of electronic composers out there, but it’s very difficult to stand out from the pack. Here are some of our favorite submissions we’ve gotten lately that at dip into the electronica genre.

Omid Moayedi is a recent SF Art Institute who has created a fascinating three-song EP as Stalgie. Laid back, but not too laid back, with dark and psychadelic elements mixed in:

Crashing Hotels may have the most conventional sound you’ll hear in this post, but I’ve had the “Hey man, that’s a cool, cool car” line stuck in my head for days. Others are already noticing – they’ve been added to a sold-out Noise Pop show, opening for Cathedrals at the Independent.

Oakland duo Bangus Tron may be just a bit goofy, but beneath the surface there’s some captivating compositions on just about every track that reward a close listen:

Hot Einstein‘s Matt Berkeley makes solo electronic music as Maxwell Paul – a mixture of soul, electornica, and maybe funk? Whatever you call it, he’s going places most people don’t, and I like it:

Bands, send in your music via our submissions page! We listen to everything and are always excited to hear more.