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Enjoy this Spotify mix featuring the best local and touring bands performing in SF this week, then find out where and when they’re playing below. For a full list of upcoming concerts in the SF Bay Area, check our Concert Calendar.

Monday, January 12
Talkies, Stalls, Earth Jerks at The Knockout
Human Traffic, All Your Sisters, Powwoww, DJ Crackwhore at Elbo Room

Tuesday, January 13
Baby Nelson & The Philistines, Los Huaycos, Creep Beat, DJ Baby Love at The Knockout

Wednesday, January 14
California X, Happy Diving, Straight Crimes at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records
The Soft White Sixties, Bonnie & The BANG BANG, Taxes at Brick & Mortar Music Hall
Cave Clove, The Parmesans, Emily Jane White at Milk Bar
Chain & The Gang, Flesh World, Skate Laws at Make-Out Room
Maus Haus, White Cloud, Mall Walk, Matt & Paul Magic, Popgang DJs at Elbo Room
Innings, Vibrating Antennas, Jerks at Hemlock Tavern
Provos, Asthma, TSA, Beast Fiend at The Knockout
Edwards Crossing, Paisano, The Post Maker at El Rio

Thursday, January 15
The Fresh & Onlys, Cool Ghouls, Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel, Fine Points, DJ sets by Sonny Smith at Great American Music Hall
O, Annie Girl & the Flight, Balms at Rickshaw Stop
Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds, Uke-Hunt, DJ Omar Perez at Thee Parkside
Dirty Boots, Atta Kid, Lee Bob & The Truth at Elbo Room
Crash and Burn, Cornelius Asperger and the Bi-Curious Unicorns, Death Cheetah at Hemlock Tavern
Life Stinks, Dancer, Slick at The Knockout
Cassandra, Part Human, Plastic Pulse at The Night Light

Friday, January 16
Fritz Montana, Scissors for Lefty, Hooded Fang at Great American Music Hall
Cold War Kids, Everyone Is Dirty, Andrew St. James at Mezzanine
Shady Maples, Sean Mcardle, Blood & Dust at Awaken Cafe
Big Tits, Suede Razors, Kids on a Crime Spree at The Night Light
Sango, Esta, Pomo, Kittens, Insightful, Devonwho, Joe Mousepad, DJ Dials at 1015 Folsom
Tove Stryke, The Tropics, GNTLMN, popscene DJs at Rickshaw Stop
Ariel Wang, Gospel Flats, Kendra McKinley at Doc’s Lab
Sons of Huns, Disastroid, Bad Angle at 924 Gilman

Saturday, January 17
The Bilinda Butchers, Highlands, Dissolve, Niveles at Brick & Mortar Music Hall
Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah: “A Sermon at the Milk Bar” at Milk Bar
Battlehooch, Guy Fox, Ghost & The City at The Chapel
The Hundred Days, Andy Clockwise, Eagle Wolf Snake at Bottom of the Hill
Nuclear Age, Enough Said, New Brigade, Response, Scalped at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records

Sunday, January 18
Peace Creep, Nasal Rod, Catacomb Creeps at The Knockout
Talk of Shamans, Paisano at Make-Out Room
Meercaz, King Lollipop, Razz at Hemlock Tavern
Ben Miller Band, Crow Moses, We Became Owls at Bottom of the Hill
Crashfaster, Doctor Popular, Curious Quail at Brick & Mortar Music Hall