William Ryan Fritch

William Ryan Fritch’s seemingly never-ending onslaught of releases for Leave Me Sessions subscription series continues with a new LP entitled Revisionist, due February 10 via Lost Tribe Sound. In anticipation of that new album, he’s streaming the album’s first single “In Denial” now.

“In Denial”, like all of the talented Mr. Fritch’s music, is a rich and soaring soundscape that envelops the listener in a beautiful ethereal haze. Bolstered by Fritch’s lilting voice, the track tackles Revisionist’s central theme of, well, revisionism – “how we forget evil, distort it, skim past it, papering over those aspects of history we find uncomfortable,” according to the artist. “How easy to wash our hands of this / easier than dealing with the trails of blood,” he sings at the outset of the song, setting the stage for an epic battle between the truth and the mind’s manufactured version of reality.

Pre-order Revisionist here, and then listen to “In Denial” below.