Monster Rally Jay Stone

The Bay Bridged is happy to announce that we will be partnering with Gold Robot Records to present the release show for LA beatmaker Monster Rally (aka Ted Feighan) and Oakland MC Jay Stone‘s collaborative LP, Foreign Pedestrians. On January 24, the duo will be joined at Leo’s in Oakland by Queens D. Light and Kid Trails, with Yalls playing a DJ set. Check out all you need to know about the show along with a video version of the flier from Feighan (who also designed the static flier above and Foreign Pedestrians‘ album art.

Feighan and Jay Stone were introduced by Gold Robot Records founder Hunter Mack over a year ago, and they make a fantastic pair. Monster Rally has created psychedelic instrumentals that are fascinating on their own – in fact, the B-side of Foreign Pedestrians contains instrumental versions of the A-Side, which features Jay Stone taking taking on the non-conventional beats with plenty wit and charisma. Check out Foreign Pedestrians‘ “Recollection” below, and be sure to preorder that purple vinyl from Gold Robot.

Queens D. Light is an Oakland MC who released her album California Wildflower last year. She has an ear for jazzy, space-age beats, and knows what to do with them:

Oakland’s Kid Trails is fronted by Patrick Jeffords, who is also a member of Toro y Moi‘s touring band. Jeffords was joined by Andy Woodward to release a pair of very interesting Kid Trails EP’s in 2014.

Monster Rally & Jay Stone, Queens D. Light, Kid Trails, Yalls (DJ set)
January 24, 2014
9pm, $8-12