The Dodos

Plenty of bands are exhausted — both physically and creatively — by the time the finish making a new record. Not so with The Dodos, however. Shortly after finishing Carrier, the local duo quickly returned to Tiny Telephone to begin capturing songs for their next album. That record, Individ, sees release on January 27 on Polyvinyl Records.

Meric Long explained the inspiration behind the group’s decision to keep recording:

“There were things I didn’t want to forget, sounds that we had just scratched the surface of making that record that I wanted to capitalize on. Songs came together easily, there was not a lot of questioning, just moving ahead with the feeling that we were on the right track. We were freed up to do whatever came naturally.”

“Moving ahead” also captures a piece of the sound to the three Individ songs we’ve included below. There’s a propulsive energy here that, while it won’t be unfamiliar to Dodos fans, feels as fresh and necessary as ever.

The band’s also gearing up for a US tour next month, which starts at the Great American Music Hall on February 11.