Lee Bob & The Truth, "I Won't Let The Hate In"

The recent grand jury decisions not to prosecute white police officers accused of killing unarmed black men in Ferguson and Staten Island shocked a large portion of the country, causing Americans of all ilks to rise up and voice their anger and disillusionment in many different ways, whether it be taking to the streets or simply donning an “I CAN’T BREATHE” t-shirt. Now, Lee Bob & The Truth threw their collective hat into the ring, and the results are two foot-stomping and inspiring tracks, “Let The Hate In (I Won’t)” and “Every 28 Hrs In America (Silent Night)”.

While A-side “Let The Hate In” speaks a bit more generically about hatred and racism, B-side “Every 28 Hrs In America” hits the listener in the face with, well, the truth – not to mention a sick guitar breakdown – questioning why the Wall Street crooks that contributed to the 2007–08 financial crisis walked free, while unarmed black men are so much more likely to be killed by the police when confronted for crimes so de minimis as Eric Garner selling loose cigarettes on the street. Listen to both tracks below, and pick up your copies over on Bandcamp, and then check out Lee Bob & The Truth January 15 at Elbo Room.

Dirty Boots, Lee Bob & The Truth, Atta Kid
Elbo Room
January 15, 2015
9pm, $7 (21+)