CREEPERS are a righteous group of dark bros making creepy (as the name suggests) and heavy pieces of music. I say ‘pieces’ because they truly orchestrate their stuff in a way that ‘song’ or ‘tune’ doesn’t do it justice. Their sound is a huge scape of laser beam guitar riffs and drone vocals with some strong prog rock tendencies. Don’t be too afraid of the “prog” thing, to me it just means they fully and deeply explore their musical ideas.

I met these dudes through mutual friends before I knew they totally shredded. Shiv Mehra and Dan Tracy are a couple of the main members who you might recognize from Deafheaven, another righteous band currently crushing worldwide. Creepers released their first album just a couple months ago and it’s absolutely one of my favorites of any bay area band this year. If you get the chance to catch them live, I highly suggest engaging in whatever pre show rituals you’re into, head to their show and let the blanket warm you.

Nate Mercereau is a guitarist, session musician and founder of WOVE (formerly A Million Billion Dying Suns).