buffalo tooth

Say goodbye to 2014 in the loudest way possible: At a metal show. There’s nothing like a good, soul-cleansing mosh pit to welcome the new year, and Buffalo Tooth will provide the necessary scuzzy riffs at their record release party Tuesday night.  An extra cause for celebration: The band’s new LP Gardeners of the Devil’s Lettuce is as awesome as you could surmise from the cheeky title. 

The Motörhead-esque opener “Miss Molly” sets the tone of speed and fury, a blend of heaviness that not only recalls obvious NWOBHM references but also shades of The Misfits on “Snacktology” and the obvious Dead Kennedys shout-out “Smells Like Jello.”  Add some doom throughout, especially the sludgy “Wet Circumstances,” and you have an LP sure to please punks, old-school metalheads and even the garage rock obsessed hipsters.

Headliner Bobb Saggeth, a female fronted Black Sabbath tribute band, ensures that the night won’t get any less intense after Buffalo Tooth’s punk/metal blitzkrieg. If you can survive this one, nothing will stop you in 2015.

Bobb Saggeth, Buffalo Tooth, Banquet
The Knockout
December 30, 2014
8:30pm, $8, 21+