While yes, there are handfuls of amazing musicians in the Bay Area that I could write about, I’ve instead decided to focus on the people behind the scenes for my best of 2014 list. Full disclosure, I helped found the Bay Area Record Fair, a yearly farmers market type gathering of local record labels. Through BARF, I’ve gotten a chance to learn about and meet these peers, a few of which I want to highlight…

Slumberland Records
Really, what can be said about Slumberland that hasn’t been said before? They are an institution, one of those rare labels that you know you will like whatever they release. Tony Molina’s Dissed & Dismissed is one of my favorite records of the year and no surprise, Slumberland is the label culprit. Excited to see what Mike has up his sleeve for 2015.

Crime On The Moon
Hannah Lew is an inspiration – there, I said it. Just started in 2013, Crime On The Moon is already slaying it, releasing the epic new Cold Beat LP and the stellar San Francisco Is Doomed comp in 2014.

Fourth Row Records
I became aware of these cats through Bread Club, a soon to be defunct San Jose emo band (sad face). The more I dig into their catalog, the more excited I am to see where they take things next year.

Moon Glyph
Steve is one of the raddest guys around and his musical and artistic aesthetic is a force to be reckoned with. Most likely the releases on Moon Glyph will be new to you but every single one is a welcomed surprise.

Hillsdale Records
I learned of Hillsdale through a friend who is equally obsessed with music as me. Johnny & his wife Lynn have curated an amazing catalog of surf/garage tunes and they are two of the most adorable people I have ever laid eyes on.

Jessi Frick is the founder of Father/Daughter Records and co-founder of the Bay Area Record Fair.