urthdance cover

Urthdance is abrasive and explosive. It sounds very angry, like something that has been kept in a tiny box, but is now ready to come out into the world. Kind of like a Gremlin right before it’s fed after midnight. Or, as they’re described on the world-wide-web, “Jagged avant-trash rock hurts-so-good atonality with fist-pumping anthems.” They sing about Walmart and (Wat)Twatsonville. They also have a physical cassette ready for you.

Bringing in their first show since January, Urthdance are wrapping up 2014 with a release show for their grand opus of a cassette, Burning Man. Dubbed the Holiday Meltdown Christmas Fail, the event includes Christmas hip-hop connoisseurs Jingle Boyz. A group that has truly encapsulated the meaning of Christmas with ringers such as, “X-Mas Sexxx” and “do they know its xmas in chiraq?”

The Holiday Meltdown Christmas Fail is this Friday at the Night Light, and promises egg nog, raffles, visuals, and giveaways. Get there early, because the line up also includes Stalls, Cassandra, Julia Mazawa, and Caddywhompus. Word on the street is that the first 20 attendees get candy.

Urthdance, Jingle Boyz, Stalls, Cassandra, Julia Mazawa, and Caddywhompus.
The Night Light
December 19, 2014
8 p.m., $7-10