Oakland Drops Beats

Remember when Harry, The Boy Who Lived, gets to Hogwarts for the first time and is like “Holy shit! There is magic every-goddamn-where!” Yeah, that’s basically what downtown Oakland is going to be like Saturday afternoon, except in lieu of flying broomsticks and talking pictures of dead people, it’s going to be a full-on inundation of Oaktown musical talent.

The name of the game is Oakland Drops Beats, an event put on four times a year in the heart of downtown. Showcasing more than two dozen acts in ten venues, the project “aims to foster creative and community solidarity amongst Oakland’s artists, people and youth” in a centralized two-block area around 15th and Webster Streets. Best part is, the whole thing costs exactly as much as J.Lo’s love!

The event starts at 1:30 and goes all day. Standout acts include blues/soul revivalist Fantastic Negrito at SoleSpace, a solo set from Cave Clove’s Katie Colver at Sidequest Gallery and hip-hop collective the Oakland Mind at Show and Tell Concept Shop.

For a full line-up and more information, visit oaklanddropsbeats.com.