Download: Artist Spotlight: Fronds (Podcast #352)

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The long-overdue return of our Artist Spotlight podcast series, which captures live-in-the-studio performances and interviews with emerging Bay Area performers, features Fronds.

Fronds began while Dylan Tidyman-Jones was still playing guitar in the much-loved The Mallard. Drawing on songs he’d written over the past several years, he recorded the project’s self-titled LP in Oakland with producer Robert Jackson; while in the studio, Dylan experimented with arrangements and sounds, playing most of the instruments on the record himself. The result was a enchanting collection of psych-pop released in late 2013 on Do Not Disturb Records, a label started by Brian Lee Hughes (also of Castle Face Records). Since that album, Dylan has assembled a steady band and compiled additional as-yet-unreleased recordings, both of which mean we’ll hopefully be hearing more new Fronds music soon.

In this episode, recorded over the summer, Fronds performs two songs live in our studio, and we talk with Dylan Tidyman-Jones about the evolution of Fronds and his plans for future releases.

Fronds are performing with Sylvie Simmons at the Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland on December 20.