Scalped has gone pretty under the radar in these parts since they dropped their demo earlier this year. Aside from an inclusion of the band’s demo track “Stranger” in our 2014 San Francisco Punk, Post-Punk and Hardcore Mixtape back in April, there’s been nary a word mentioned on The Bay Bridged about this hardcare quintet that features none other than TBB-favorite Tony Molina, along with Max Torchio Wickham and a few others that only identify themselves by their first name and last initial (keeping it incognito and such).

Well, Tony M., Max W., and friends just released (if “just” can mean “in October”) a 7″ that includes four aggressive and powerful tracks with an onslaught of vicious guitars leading the way. But don’t blink – the whole thing lasts only 5 minutes and 36 seconds. Listen here, and then watch some of their performance from this past Sunday night at San Francisco’s Honey Hive Gallery below.