Fish Breath

The dream of the ’90s is alive and well in San Francisco’s Fish Breath. Their self-titled cassette, out now on Hair Growth Records, is a grab bag of sad boy sad songs that are easy to cry with. Take the opening track, “The Way Deer Look At Me,” a melodic little number that grows and expands into an eruptive, grungy track all while painting levels of melancholy.

Following suit are tracks “Salty Leech” and “Torture.” Albeit far more caustic in comparison to “The Way Deer Look At Me,” the tracks continue in a similar vein with an aggressive affliction that is prevalent in ’90s forebears such as Unwound. The video below, edited and directed by frontman George Carpentar, says all of these things much more visually; cuts of live performances of the band (ranging from caves and house shows) are thrown alongside images of insects, arson, and clowns. The footage even claims to be filmed in 1999, ironically, because if that were true many of the members would likely be in an elementary school playing with Fisher Price toys.

Fish Breath performs at 1234 Go! Records alongside The Coltranes, Never Young, and Sexless on January 1.

Fish Breath, Coltranes, Sexless, and Never Young
1234 Go! Records
January 1, 2014
7pm, $10