The newly formed China is an Americana outfit featuring a talented group of Bay Area veterans: Jeff Moller, Michael James Tapscott, Raphi Gottesman, and Dominic East have joined forces to make a stellar debut 5-song EP, The Wall.

Moller, Tapscott, and Gottesman are members of Odawas and Dominic East has performed with Rogue Wave, but they all have produced fine music on a variety of projects on their own. Tappscott and Gottesman have each released solo albums, while East fronts A Carnival of Hours. While some of the members’ music can be bit more experimental, China plays straightforward country rock that could easily pass for tracks on Neil Young’s Harvest Moon if you swapped Tappscott and Moller’s vocals with Young’s. Lesser musicians couldn’t pull it off, but the guys in China are all extremely talented and obviously know how to make a record. China is only sharing the digital EP for now, but Tappscott tells me there’s another EP written and plans for shows in the works. Check out The Wall below.