Blank Club

After 12 years in operation, San Jose’s legendary Blank Club is closing.

But wait! Though I can’t tell you how tired I am of writing these kinds of headlines, there’s actually a little bit of light at the end of this tunnel. The Blank’s current owner, Corey O’Brien, has plans to open a newer, larger venue in the spring, finally moving into 400 South First—you know, that ugly, abandoned “Angels” building that looks like a discarded set piece from a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

While the Blank was a fixture of SJ’s downtown scene and the only reliable place for bands under the rock ‘n’ roll umbrella up until about two years ago, it was no secret that the place was just too small. Consisting of a corner stage, a bar and a concrete floor, it could only accommodate bands of a very specific level—too cool to host brand-new bands, but too small to welcome breaking indie acts with even a modicum of a following. It’s not clear yet what the musical lean of the new place will be, but with SJ’s nightlife on the up-and-up, a larger venue is a welcome, long-overdue addition.