Not long ago, we told you about Hafner, a bunch of baseball obsessed dudes who played hella loud music. Turns out there’s another local band that’s both obsessed with baseball and playes music a bit on the heavy side: San Francisco’s Innings. While Hafner’s vocals are especially loud, Innings gets the bulk of their meat from fat-bottomed, sludgy guitars. Here’s a taste:

Innings began as a solo project for singer and guitarist DJ Gilmore, who tells me his band is so baseball-obsessed that they use baseball sayings or famous players as songwriting inspiration, saying the ideas “usually…comes back to more real life experiences that we can relate to.” It just so happens that Innings’ cassette release show at Sub-Mission December 11 will also include fellow baseball nuts Hafner. Keep your bats at home, but bring your references to Matt Stairs and the distance between basepads.

Hafner, Basement Stares, Innings
Decmber 11, 2014
9pm, $6

Innings, Vibrating Antennas
Hemlock Tavern
January 11, 2014
8:30pm, $6