There are many words you can use to describe Bear Lincoln’s new album, Bare Lincoln, but I’m going to go with infectious because their music attacks like a disease: it overtakes your body for days on end, it won’t let you function like a normal human being, and it makes you wonder if you’ll ever be cured.  I have a feeling, however, that you won’t want to be cured from their addictive blend of soul, funk, Motown, and rock.  Oh, and don’t forget the Latin-pop flavored “Sara Feliz” or gospel-tinged closer “Revival.”  Maybe it’s a case of genre attention-deficit-disorder or maybe these guys are so good one mere style can’t contain them, but whatever the case, Bear Lincoln excels at this particular amalgamation of sounds.

I mentioned in my post about their single “The News” that Bear Lincoln is a band as much as a dance party, and that observation holds true on the rest of the group’s new EP: “Divine Bovine” seduces with a sexy, P-Funk inspired bass line, “Give” hooks you in with a slinky drumbeat and “Sasquatch” is an irresistible groove showing off a tasty guitar solo and sultry vocal delivery.

The aforementioned “Revival” is part disco celebration, part foot-stomping holy roller, and guaranteed to decimate at live shows.  Check out the video below to see for yourself as singer/Reverend Aidan Ward takes you on a four-minute spiritual liberation through the power of music, an atonement achieved by dancing your heart out.  It’s a rock n’ roll baptism.  Hallelujah Bear Lincoln.

Quinn DeVeaux and the Blue Beat Revue, Bear Lincoln, Kendra McKinley
Leo’s Music Club
December 13, 2014
$12-15, 8pm, 18+