Before the Brave

The first time you hear Before The Brave’s latest single “Free”, you’ll wonder why this inexorably catchy folk/rock/pop song hasn’t been played to death on the radio alongside Mumford & Sons and Of Monsters And Men. It certainly contains all the elements of a hit. Jangly guitar lead? Check. Instantly gripping vocal melody? Haven’t gotten it out of my head yet. Blissful harmonies? I think I’m in love. Yes, the tune is so vibrant and professional sounding it makes you wonder why this band is still under the radar. Hopefully they won’t have to stay there for long.

Currently the band is in the middle of a crowd-funding campaign to raise money for their first full-length album, their official follow-up to “Free”, as well as their more contemplative, atmospheric debut EP Great Spirit. Their Indiegogo campaign ends on the December 11 and they’re playing a show at Neck of the Woods this Sunday to help raise awareness of it.

Before The Brave, Grow & Twine, Osage
Neck of the Woods
December 7, 2014
$5, 7:30pm (21+)