I know, I know – it’s tough. If you’re anything like me, then at least once a week you flop onto the nearest mattress after work still in a jacket, shoes, and mittens, and hibernate hard. You shuffle out, make yourself some comfort food à la Kraft, and hunker down for anti-social bliss. But listen up. The Lower 48, Branches, Joshua Cook & The Key of Now, and Travis Hayes and The Young Daze all want to serenade you at Slim’s this Thursday. You could stare at a screen at home (after staring at a screen at work) OR you could let truly talented musicians entertain you with their spirit lifting folk-rock. You choose. We have two tickets to giveaway, and still more reasons for why you should avoid Netflix tunnel-vision.

The Lower 48 is a rare musical amalgam if only because the trio have a clever (not cute) name. Watch their music video for “Come Awake” below.

Branches is a lady-gentleman duo based out of Los Angeles. Watch their surprisingly rousing live rendition of “Away In A Manger” below.

Travis Hayes & The Young Daze are a lauded local group who I’ve raved about already, but I should also note that the Young Daze includes Emily Whitehurst from Survival Guide. Below is their recently released music video for “Bath Salts”.

Joshua Cook & The Key Of Now play truly gripping blues, and the frontman is the former guitarist in The Soft White Sixties.

To enter for a chance to win tickets to this show, email with “The Lower 48” in the subject line and your full name in the body of the email. A winner will be selected at random and notified via email.

Branches, The Lower 48, Joshua Cook & The Key Of Now, Travis Hayes And The Young Daze
December 4, 2014
8pm, $15 (all ages)