Frozen Folk

Bad news, Oaklanders: Friday marks the end of Frozen Folk. For good.

Frozen Folk has been a favorite of ours for the last few years, and we’re sad to see ’em go, like so many others acts that have closed up shop this year. Still, if you want to party with ’em one last time, you can witness their final show in Berkeley on Friday.

Marked by “A delectable stew of glittery-psychedelic-math-rock-oatmeal-sludge-pop,” the Starry Plough will host an all-Oakland lineup, with The Reprimanded, Creature Baby, and The Other Band on Earth rounding out the bill. Stop by and wish Frozen Folk a fond farewell Friday night, and listen to their final EP, Sharon is Karen right now.

The Reprimanded, Creature Baby, Frozen Folk, The Other Band on Earth
The Starry Plough
December 5, 2014
8:30pm, $8-12, 21+