The Bay Bridged 2014 Fundraiser

There’s no point sugarcoating it: 2014 has been a difficult year for San Francisco Bay Area music. While numerous local bands continue to release great albums, skyrocketing rents all over the Bay remain a serious threat to our musicians’ ability to afford to live here.

In this time of real uncertainty, your support of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene is more important than ever.

As we approach our ninth year, The Bay Bridged remains committed to providing a critical platform for local musicians through our award-winning blog and acclaimed local music festivals.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your help to continue to build The Bay Bridged into the local music champion that San Francisco truly needs and deserves.

Today, we’re launching our first fundraising drive, and we’re asking you to consider supporting our work with a tax-deductible donation.


To thank you for your support, we’ve got a number of great rewards for donors. Every donation of $10 or more will immediately get you a digital download of our new The Bay Bridged 2014 Holiday Compilation, an exclusive collection of holiday covers and originals performed by twelve of our favorite local artists, including Everyone is Dirty, Cocktails, Joseph Childress, Al Lover, and many more.

Visit our Fundraiser Page to find out more about our fundraising drive and rewards for donors. A little will truly go a long way to support our continued efforts to strengthen the San Francisco Bay Area music scene.