Happy Diving - Big World cover

Here are two things I learned about Happy Diving, whose new album, Big World, is our featured album on The Bay Bridged for December. First, the East Bay band only formed about a year ago, which is crazy when you consider how well-defined the band’s sound is. Anyone looking to define a new trend in Bay Area music should take note of all of the killer noisy pop that’s been showing up lately, including Terry Malts, Tony Molina, and now Happy Diving, who invigorate slack, anthemic indie rock with a punk intensity.

Second thing I learned: Big World was somehow recorded in just two days, capturing ten loud-as-fuck songs that consistently surprise and never overstay their welcome. Credit here should also go to producer Jack Shirley, whose Atomic Garden studio keeps cranking out quality projects.

Stream and buy Big World below and on The Bay Bridged homepage for the entire month of December, and don’t miss your chance to see Happy Diving at our Rock n Roll Holiday Spectacular at Leo’s on December 17, with Cocktails, bAd bAd and Michael & The Strange Land.