The Classical

The Classical
, a San Francisco duo fronted by Juliet E. Gordon with Britt Ciampa manning the drums, have released their first new album since moving to the city about a year ago, Diptych, which we are extremely pleased to premiere today. The 9 tracks are a dark and surprising experience. Often Gordon’s booming voice and the reverb-heavy instrumentation makes you feel like you’re hearing dark pop reminiscent of Lana del Rey, but a vicious drum break leading to a time change from Ciampa or a delightfully bizarre vocal stretch from Gordon reminds you are luckily in more experimental and edgier territory. Listen to Diptych below.

Gordon tells me the album was inspired by a trip to Italy visiting ancient Roman and Greek sites, while most of the album was recorded in the band’s previous home of Colorado Springs, where Gordon says she had access to a high ceilinged dance studio that was “magical to record in”. After the band made the move to SF, they finished up the last bit of recording and sent it to Jay Pellici for mixing.

Although Gordon and Ciampa arrived to the Bay Area under a somewhat unique house sitting situation that creates “a sense of transience”, she tells me the band plans to remain here for the foreseeable future. How has the move affected Gordon? She tells me she’s “mostly just adjusting to this new constant awareness of Mercury’s whereabouts that seems to rule all commerce and interpersonal dealings on the west coast.” Sounds about right. See how Mercury’s locale affects The Classical’s live show December 19 at the Legionnaire Saloon in Oakland.

The Mondegreens, Nyx, The Classical
Legionnaire Saloon
December 19, 2014
9pm, $5