Jordannah Elizabeth

It was a nice, brisk San Francisco morning when I met up with Jordannah Elizabeth in West Portal, a shop and restaurant-filled neighborhood that was beaming with people walking the streets. After a couple of years of being bicoastal, Elizabeth settled down in the west coast within the last year, making San Francisco her home. After releasing Bring To The Table this summer, Elizabeth is gearing up for a new album titled A Rush.

“The first memory I have with music is singing in the choir when I was 4 or 5,” said Elizabeth. Since then, she’s started her own record label, played in tons of bands, toured, written about music, and has been generally involved in and around the industry her entire life.

“It’s so ingrained in me: Put out an album, release it, and begin writing another album,” she said with a smile, “I look at my involvement with music as a story, and I want to know where the story ends. That’s why I still do it.”

Where Bring To The Table was a predominantly pop and R&B album that was the world’s introduction to Elizabeth, it was deeper, and much more of a window into the world and life of Elizabeth. A Rush (mixed by Steve Kille of Dead Meadow, produced by Breck Brunson) is the next step forward. Not necessarily a dark, love album, but more of an experimental record that really analyzes the moments and period that Elizabeth has been experiencing lately. Where Elizabeth’s first album was centered around a much more negative and darker muse, this album is much more hopeful, and reflective of her positive inspiration around the writing process.

“Such a rush to the head, such a rush to the heart,” said Elizabeth, “It was

[one of the last songs] written, I think, but it gelled all of the album together. It stuck.”

Elizabeth names the album A Rush because of its sweet and authentic vibe. The title track, she noted, is the most organic and genuine song she’s written to date.

Exclusive version of “A Rush,” shared by Jordannah Elizabeth for the Bay Bridged:

Exclusive version of “A Rush,” shared by Jordannah Elizabeth for the Bay Bridged:

The new album takes trip hop influences and combines them with a painting-like soundscape that consists of soul, gospel and psychedelic influences – a culmination of many different styles that Elizabeth has moved in and out of over the past couple of years of performing.

Idea Records will be releasing her single from A Rush, “A Prayer For Black America,” which is about the most recent issues in Ferguson, with Trayvon Martin, and other issues dealing with the death of black Americans in the United States.

“I wanted to let people know that I’m here, and I get it, and I’m praying for us,” Elizabeth said about the single.

“When you have something playing in your head,” said Elizabeth, “something that sticks there and where people tell you that it’s constantly in their head. To know that I am able to do something that makes people feel good. You always want to touch people and have that affect on people in a positive way. If I have my platform to say ‘Here’s a prayer for Black America’, then here’s what I want to offer. That’s my goal.”

Older B and C-side songs of Elizabeth’s will be available through Oregon-based record label No Goal

While A Rush won’t be out until it is funded, you can support Elizabeth in recording and finalizing the record on her Indiegogo.

Middlesleep, Jordannah Elizabeth
November 29, 2014
8PM, Free (All Ages)