Nikki Lane

If the thought of modern country music summons imagery of rhinestoned cowboy hats and pageant-ready blowouts, there’s a gal named Nikki Lane who’s coming to change your mind. Along with Jamestown Revival and Pete Molinari, she’s headed to Great American Music Hall this Friday, November 28, armed with an authentic Americana style and classic country sensibilities. Rather than the squeaky clean gloss of the CMAs, think dusty boots and pissing behind the saloon — outlaw country, but with powerful feminine energy.

Harnessing the soul of Jessi Colter and the attitude of country music’s original bad gal Loretta Lynn, Lane makes music for lovers — scorned lovers, new lovers, bad lovers, casual lovers. She’s not afraid to be sweet and she’s in her element when she’s sour, but she’s at her best when she blends the two flavors togethers.

With the help of production wizard Dan Auerbach, the South Carolina native and Nashville-based singer mastered the balanced between sentimental balladry and cool detachment on her 2014 album, All of Nothin’. From the trouble-stirring opening track “Right Time,” to the warm and wistful “You Can’t Talk to Me Like That,” the brazen swayer “Sleep With a Stranger,” and her sugary duet with Auerbach “Love’s On Fire,” the record is an instant classic and breath of fresh air for not only country music but for the broader spectrum of rock and roll.

Follow her into the dusty horizon, because she’s leading a country rock and roll revolution with nothing but her simple, down-home songwriting and just the right amount of rasp and drawl in her voice. No fluff, no filler, no country pop trends forecasting.

Jamestown Revival, Nikki Lane, Pete Molinari
Great American Music Hall
November 28, 2014
9pm, $16-18 (all ages)